Degree Subjects

Choosing the Right Major Subjects for You

You can choose to major in a wide range of subjects when you attend DePaul University. From arts to business, and education to science, you can see a full list of degree programs for the Global Gateway Program (GGP) and direct admission below.


You don't have to declare a major until further along in your degree studies but it's useful to have an idea of what subject you would like to major in to help you choose your courses. The tables below show the majors available to GGP students and the grades you will need to achieve.

The overall grade relates to your Grade Point Average (on a 4.0 scale), which is the U.S. system for assessment. The English grades are the minimum requirements you need to obtain in the GGP to matriculate to your chosen undergraduate program.





Direct Admission

For more information about direct admission to our DePaul graduate degree programs, please click on the links below to visit the website of the DePaul graduate college you are interested in.

84% of undergraduate alumni are employed in a job related to their degree (DePaul 2019)

94% of graduate alumni are employed in a job related to their degree (DePaul 2019)

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