Why study data science?

02 July 2021
Students working on computers

What is data science?

Data science is the practice of using scientific methods, like algorithms, to extract knowledge and insights from data, and utilising the extracted information for a broad range of uses. Data scientists are relied upon by businesses of all kinds, applying their expertise in three main areas: computer science, mathematics, and information management. Generally, they also need to be good critical thinkers with efficient communication skills.

Why study a data science degree?

As data science covers a range of ever-changing technologies that influence daily life more and more, there are many reasons why it makes a good degree choice. As well as being crucial to future life and increasingly relied upon by corporate business, data science offers students:

Flexible career opportunities

After studying a data science degree, you will have a wealth of skills that will appeal to a large number of employers. Your resume will be eligible for jobs such as applied scientist, data analyst and software engineer, to name just a few. Of DePaul University’s 2020 data science graduates, 93% reported they were employed, continuing education or not seeking employment within six months of graduating.

The potential to work across a variety of industries

As previously mentioned, all types of companies employ data scientists in order to ensure their decision making is informed and efficient. DePaul University reports that its data science graduates have gone into a wide range of careers, most notably within the finance, healthcare and retail industries (2021). Other areas of work data scientists can build careers in include travel, academics, marketing and consulting.

High and increasing salaries

According to indeed, data scientists in the USA can expect to start on a salary of around $80,000, which could rise up to $130,000 once you have gained a few years of experience. The average salary of a managerial data scientist is around $195,000, but managers with more experience can earn upwards of $250,000. American cities with the highest paying data scientist jobs include San Francisco, New York and Chicago, where DePaul University is located (indeed, 2021).

Play a vital part in business strategies

As previously mentioned, data science is integral to corporate business - from marketing departments to IT teams, all areas of businesses are using data insights to ensure their success. In industries like retail, where companies must consider market trends and consumer behavior, data science plays a vital role in allowing the business to measure its performance and in turn set goals and build strategies.

Graduate study options

As a data science graduate, there will be many Master’s degree opportunities for you. From applied mathematics to artificial intelligence; machine learning to statistics - with a graduate degree, you can specialise in a variety of areas while improving your data science knowledge. Additionally, studying a Master’s will increase your employability in the field, and likely have an impact on your salary once you start your career.

Why study data science at DePaul?

DePaul University is ranked #124 in the USA (US News and World Report, 2021) and is a recognizable academic brand across the world. Teaching technical knowledge and advanced computing skills are at the forefront of the University’s specialisations, with DePaul's undergraduate and graduate programs ranked in the top 200 for all computer science programs in the USA (U.S. News and World Report, 2021).

Studying at DePaul also offers a practical range of study options, with students being able to study their course on-campus or via online classroom learning. At this high-ranking university, you will have the chance to be taught by leading academics with industry exposure and many years of experience with a range of teaching methods.

Additionally, by choosing to study at DePaul you will be gaining great business exposure in one of America’s most enterprising cities. Located in the heart of Chicago, the University has great business links and networking opportunities which its students can benefit from both during and after their degree studies.

How to study data science in America?

If you are an international student who is interested in taking the amazing opportunity to study data science at DePaul University, enroll in the Bachelor of Science degree through the Global Gateway Program or by direct admission. If you are a postgraduate student interested in data science, we offer direct admission to the Master of Science program. Our university pathway program is designed to support students to study at the university of their dreams by combining English language study with academic skills and coursework.

In the Global Gateway Program, you will be guided through the first steps of your university journey with a tailor-made curriculum in a friendly, encouraging community of staff and students alike. Here, you can expect to make friends from all over the world and get to know your new home ahead of starting your studies. Find out more about studying abroad at DePaul University today.