Why study Animation

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Animation is an exciting and creative career with qualified professionals in increasing demand. There are many reasons to study animation: you’ll get to use your imagination and present your ideas to wide audiences, you’ll learn many transferable skills that are relevant to other careers and sectors, and once you graduate, you’ll find great job prospects with a high earning potential.

What is animation?

Animation is an artistic method in which drawings or figures are controlled to appear as moving images. Traditionally, images were painted or drawn by hand on transparent celluloid sheets, and then photographed and shown on film. Nowadays, most animations are created with computer-generated imagery (CGI).

5 reasons to study an animation degree

1. Career opportunities and good salaries

The global animation market is expected to experience a 5.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 2030, increasing the market worth to $642.5 billion US dollars (Precedence Research, 2021). Due to animation’s popularity and diversity, job prospects for animators are rising quickly. With a degree in animation, you could get a job as an animator, art director, character and background designer, special affects artist, game designer, graphic designer, or illustrator, among others. You could also work in a range of different organizations. A degree in animation will open career opportunities in graphics design, advertising, production, e-learning, and many more. Due to their specialized set of skills, animators can expect to earn salaries upwards of $70,000 per year in the US.

2. Transferrable skills

Studying a degree in animation will allow you to gain many subject specific skills such as model-making and drawing but will also equip you with a range of transferable skills that are relevant to other careers and industries. You’ll develop skills in project and time management, attention to detail, communication, creativity, and problem solving. These skills are all highly sought after by employers. At DePaul University, 78% of animation graduates had either found employment or were continuing their education within six months of graduation (DePaul Career Center, 2021).

3. Use your creativity

A major attraction to studying animation is that you get to use your creativity. Animation provides a versatile platform to showcase your ideas, themes, and characters. Unlike video created using real people, there are no human limits to what you can create through animation. Once you graduate and find your dream job, you will be paid for using your creativity – your working days are likely to be varied and interesting.

4. You’ll be in demand

The growth in digitization and the increasing popularity for entertainment and gaming have further fuelled the rise. Due to increased use of animation in social media, businesses in almost every sector need animators.

5. Animation is a powerful tool

With animation, you can reach an audience on an international scale. Furthermore, through animation, you can showcase your ideas to a wide range of audiences. Animation is used for entertainment as well as education, with a lot of crossover between the two. Thanks to its versatility and universal appeal, animation is a powerful platform for teaching and learning.

Why study animation at DePaul?

Studying an animation degree at Home, you’ll be encouraged to experiment with different forms of animation. You’ll learn to take inspiration from current and historical works while creating your own ideas. You will produce live-action videos, develop web-based shorts inspired by anime or Hollywood, and design motion graphics for commercials and film.

Recent graduates of DePaul's program have gone on to work in major companies including DreamWorks Animation, Wargaming, Electronic Arts, Laika Studios, Phosphor Studios, and Electronic Arts.

  • DePaul is #23 on Animation Career Review’s 2021 List of Top Animation Schools and Colleges in the U.S.
  • The program is in the School of Cinematic Arts at DePaul, which is named a Top 20 Film School in the U.S. by Variety (2021) and a #16 on Hollywood Reporter's Top Film Schools list for 2021
  • The College of Computing and Digital Media has strong connections with many of Chicago’s animation and production studios, allowing you to gain real-world experience as you study
  • With professional careers in animation, production, film, art and interactive media, your faculty members can connect you with resources and opportunities as you enter the media industry

The pathway to your animation career

DePaul’s Global Gateway Program is designed specifically for international students like you. The program combines academic and study skills modules with English language classes, to prepare you to succeed on your animation degree program at DePaul University.

Studying the Global Gateway Program will provide you with a perfect introduction to US life. Our dedicated team will help you to settle into the US education system and culture. You can join organized activities for international students and sign up for societies and clubs at the University, where you will meet and socialize with other students, both American and international.

Once you successfully complete the Global Gateway Program you can progress to your animation undergraduate degree at DePaul University, or you can apply to enroll directly in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program. If you are a graduate student looking to pursue a Master's degree in animation, you can apply for direct admission to the DePaul Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program.

To start your journey to an exciting animation career, apply today.