My DePaul Business Degree Helped Me Get a Job: Q&A with Talal from Saudi Arabia

17 May 2021
An international DePaul student in a suit.

Talal traveled from Saudi Arabia to Chicago to earn his Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) degree in Marketing from DePaul University. We asked him about his experiences studying for his business degree and how his career has benefited from his choice to study in the USA.

Why did you choose to study at DePaul?

I chose DePaul over many other schools as DePaul has a great sales and marketing program and the professors who teach there are connected to the real market. Also, the location of DePaul is unique; we were able to interact and communicate with so many companies around Chicago.

What did you most enjoy about your business degree at DePaul?

DePaul was so much fun, honestly. Many students at DePaul come from different countries, which gave me a chance to hear different perspectives during our group projects. The sales class with Professor Ryan Clancy was my favorite class. He is an expert in the sales field, and he helped us enjoy every minute in the class by giving real-world examples.

What was it like to move from Saudi Arabia to Chicago? How did you adjust to living in the USA?

For me, Chicago was never difficult at all. The people of Chicago are very welcoming, and it was very comfortable for me to live in a beautiful city. I made so many lifelong friendships. I visited my friends seven years after I graduated, and it was so great to see my Chicago friends progressing in life.

What are you doing now?

I am now a Sales Manager at Saudi Aramco, the well-known oil company, headquartered in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. My company chose to invest in the downstream and produce petrochemical products. I am honored and proud that I was part of the start-ups in 2012 after my graduation from DePaul.

My current position allows me to deal with business owners from all over the world, which I like. The other thing that I love about my current job is that our company employs people from so many different countries, which I believe gives Saudi Aramco a competitive advantage over other companies in the same field.

How do you think your degree from DePaul helped you obtain your current job?

My DePaul degree was one of the reasons that Aramco selected me over so many other candidates. DePaul is well known for its business programs, and Aramco knew that I was able to interact with people from different cultures because of my time there.

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