Q&A with DePaul Alumnus

18 February 2021
Sayed, a DePaul graduate, taking a picture in sunglasses.

Sayed ElSalamony earned Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) degrees in Economics and Finance, and also completed his Master of Science (MS) degree in Economics and Policy Analysis at DePaul University. We asked Sayed, who is from Cairo, Egypt, about his time at DePaul to hear more about his experience.

Why choose DePaul?

I chose DePaul for its high ranking in business studies as well as its prime location. My family's business specializes in grains, and DePaul offered great exposure to the Chicago Board of Trade, which is the center for global grain trade.

What did you most enjoy about your studies at DePaul?

A combination of things led to me enjoying my time at DePaul. DePaul offers fantastic exposure to education, culture, and city life. I felt at home at one of the most diverse campuses in the world. Finance classes were also great to attend due to DePaul's exposure to real-world issues. Entrepreneurship is a big part of DePaul's business school too, and I enjoyed that aspect of it.

What was it like to move from your home country to Chicago?

Moving from Egypt at 17 seemed like a significant challenge, but DePaul's campus life and dorms helped me integrate smoothly into the community. Orientation was also crucial for me in making new friends, friends that I am still in touch with to this day.

What is your job now?

Right now, I am back in Egypt, helping my family run our business. We work in the poultry industry, and we also manage a mid-sized supermarket chain. I also founded a new supermarket brand with a different mission and vision and am looking to grow it into a franchise soon. I am in the process of starting my doctorate as well, as I am passionate about academia.

How do you think your degree from DePaul helped you obtain your current job?

Real-life experience is almost always different from the academic approach. Yet, at DePaul, we used many real-life examples that helped my approach in solving challenges. It's not about what you learn; it's about being able to problem solve.

Academic quality, real-world experience, and new friends were all part of Sayed’s DePaul story. Begin your own journey today.