How DePaul University Will Help You Improve Your English

25 February 2021
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Students enroll at DePaul University knowing that they will receive a great education with 1:1 support to prepare them for successful careers. But what if you need to improve your English language skills before you begin your academic classes?

We’re excited to share that we now offer a chance for you to gain those skills through our new Pre-Sessional English Program!

What is the Pre-Sessional English Program?

The Pre-Sessional English Program (PSE) helps you improve your English before you start your courses in the Global Gateway Program (GGP). The PSE is available for undergraduate and graduate students who do not meet the English test requirements to enter the GGP. In the PSE, all students will study at DePaul’s English Language Academy and will take 18 hours of English classes per week, building your skills in:

  • Grammar
  • Reading and Vocabulary
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Writing

Why Should You Enroll in the Pre-Sessional English Program?

The PSE entry points give you an opportunity to start your DePaul studies with a lower level of English ability. With this program, you’ll be able to improve your skills and build your confidence while preparing to enter DePaul as an undergraduate or graduate student.

You’ll be part of the DePaul community from the start of the program, as we will provide:

  • 1:1 support for your academic, social, and emotional growth
  • Involvement opportunities to help you make friends
  • Cultural activities so you can learn more about the U.S. and share your own culture
  • Resources to help you prepare for your career
  • Access to Chicago, where you’ll be part of a diverse community in and outside of DePaul

Pre-Sessional English Program Details

If you are an undergraduate student who enrolls in the PSE, you will take 1 to 2 quarters of English language studies through DePaul’s English Language Academy. Once you’ve completed your PSE quarters, you’ll join the 5-quarter Extended Plus GGP. Upon your successful completion of the Extended Plus GGP, you’ll have earned 46 academic credits toward your DePaul degree.

 PSE Program English Language Score 
 1 Quarter PSE + 5 Quarter Extended Plus GGP  TOEFL iBT 40; IELTS 4.0; Duolingo 70; PTE 30-36; VEPT 47-57; GaoKao Below 77/120, Below 99/150
 2 Quarter PSE + 5 Quarter Extended Plus GGP  TOEFL iBT 32; IELTS 3.5; Duolingo 65; VEPT 36-46; PTE & GaoKao Not Accepted
The graduate-level PSE works in a very similar way, but students can take up to 4 quarters of PSE coursework before entering the 3-quarter Extended GGP. At the end of that program, you will have earned 12 academic credits for your Master’s degree within DePaul’s College of Computing and Design or Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.
PSE Program English Language Score 
 1 Quarter PSE + 3 Quarter Extended GGP  TOEFL iBT 55; IELTS 5.0; Duolingo 85; PTE 42-43; VEPT 61-64 (no subscore below 37)
 2 Quarter PSE + 3 Quarter Extended GGP  TOEFL iBT 50; IELTS 4.5; Duolingo 80; PTE 37-41; VEPT 58-60 (no subscore below 35)
 3 Quarter PSE + 3 Quarter Extended GGP  TOEFL iBT 40; IELTS 4.0; Duolingo 70; PTE 30-36; VEPT 47-57
 4 Quarter PSE + 3 Quarter Extended GGP  TOEFL iBT 32; IELTS 3.5; Duolingo 65; VEPT 36-46; PTE Not Accepted

Click here to learn more about the entry requirements for the PSE and our other programs.

Join Us at DePaul University

We are excited for you to join us and are ready to help you build your English skills. Our university is ranked #124 in the nation, and we give students access to Fortune 500 company leaders along with opportunities for internships and jobs at some of the world’s top brands (U.S. News & World Report, 2021). Be part of our community, and click here to begin your DePaul story now.


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