Why I Chose DePaul: Maya from Thailand

25 January 2021
DePaul students in Chicago
Maya from Thailand is a GGP Ambassador at DePaul University. She completed the Global Gateway Program in 2020 and is now studying in the Marketing MS degree program. Hear why she chose DePaul in her blog.

I love to travel and explore everywhere in the world. Every place that I’ve visited, I was surrounded by a million people – but nowhere felt like home until I moved to study at DePaul.

When I decided to study here, there were many challenges in my life as an international student who moved from a developing country. The language barrier was the biggest challenge for me. I lost confidence and was afraid to discuss any problems by using the English language. Luckily, I found the Global Gateway Program (GGP) which provides the right mix of academic study and English languages skills.

In Fall 2020, I started graduate school and found things that I learned from my English GGP courses are crucial skills that I still use now. I feel more confident to discuss things with other students in my classes. I’m not afraid to write emails to the professors. I know how to cite sources correctly in every citation style, such as APA and MLA. Moreover, I met my best friend, Jacob, who is my tutor at The Writing Center!

In addition, DePaul also provides a quality education in a perfect location in Chicago. Last quarter, I attended one of the best classes of my life. The class is Effective and Ethical Organizational Behavior with Dr. Kari Costello. I benefited from the small class size which made me share my opinions and ask questions with the professor directly. Moreover, she inspired me to learn about myself to find the right decision to change my major from management to marketing.

If I could turn back time and decide what university to study at again, DePaul is still my answer! I will never regret choosing this university because DePaul makes me feel like home.

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