Marketing Students Have Access to Companies and Internships at DePaul

28 April 2021
Student laughs standing in front of noticeboard with lots of coloured pages pinned to it

How can a university student connect with top leaders in industry? For students in the Marketing programs at DePaul University, these connections are made easier because of the university’s access to alumni and resources. Consider this story from Maya, one of our GGP Ambassadors:

Originally from Thailand, Maya sought out advice from the Kellstadt Career Management Center to help her prepare for a career after graduation. She said, “I found that I gained a lot of advice about how to improve myself from my fantastic advisors and staff. Ellen Dawson is my academic advisor. She helped me to plan the classes and plan at every stage of my career goals. As a highlight of working with Ellen, Maya met Jessica Sanborn, who she says “made my dream of working with Netflix come true.

With Jessica’s connections, Maya attended an industry night event with DePaul alumni marketing professionals. There, Maya connected with Sophia Lammers from Netflix. “It was a wonderful event that I have been waiting for all of my life. I had a chance to talk with a marketing professional who is working in my dream company.”

Maya’s experience isn’t unusual for DePaul students. With connections to some of the largest companies in Chicago and across the globe, these students get to hear from top executives and alumni working in their chosen fields. For students like Maya in the Marketing Department, there are many resources and activities to help make these connections.

Case Studies Create Real-World Experiences

For example, the Kellstadt Marketing Group (KMG) recently launched a Case Study Competition in partnership with Barilla Foodservice. Students got to learn from Jeaette Gerger, marketing manager at Barilla, and participated in a real-world learning experience. The competition winner will earn the opportunity to present to Barilla Senior Leadership, as well as Barilla’s global network and KMG’s network on social media!

Network, Network, Network

The Marketing Department hosts other networking events, like the Industry Night that Maya attended. In addition to Netflix representatives, leaders from many different sectors were at Industry Night to connect with aspiring marketers, like

  • Abbott Laboratories (healthcare)
  • Ralph Lauren (fashion)
  • Spotify (entertainment)
  • Sprout Social (social media)
  • The Field Museum (non-profit)
  • Ulta (health and beauty)

Finding an Internships and Building a Career

DePaul encourages Marketing students to pursue internships, and they find success at high-profile companies like United Airlines, 3M, Univision, and Tide Cleaners, as well as professional sports teams like the Chicago Blackhawks (ice hockey) and Chicago Fire (soccer). The Marketing Department has a section of its website dedicated to helping international students find jobs and internships. View the list of these open positions here.

To find internships and make connections, students network with their classmates and professionals in the field. For example, the Center for Sales Leadership (CSL) connects with corporate partners to provide workshops and internship opportunities for DePaul students who want to focus on sales careers. Some of these corporate partners include Amazon Web Services, ADP, Hershey’s, Navistar, Nielsen, and Redbull. CSL has helped students find internships and build careers at companies like PepsiCo, Walgreens, Colgate Palmolive, 3M, and more. Many of these grads were able to transition their internship experiences into a full-time, permanent positions!

Whether through their classmates, faculty, student groups, or networking events, the connections that students are able to make at DePaul are critical to their future success!

Does a career in marketing excite you? Do you want to have an experience like Maya? Enroll at DePaul University to build your future.