Finance 101: learning about business from top industry professionals

10 May 2021
The Bean in Chicago

Learning from industry professionals is just one benefit of studying a degree at DePaul University. Because of the University’s connections in Chicago and throughout the world, our students have opportunities to hear from leaders in a variety of fields who act as guest speakers about a wide range of topics, from the value of earning a business degree to the latest developments in data science and artificial intelligence.

John Rogers Jr. is one of these guest speakers. Recently, Mr. Rogers spoke with DePaul President, Dr Gabriel Esteban, and students during a Department of Finance event. Mr. Rogers is the founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Ariel Investments, an investment firm that specializes in small and mid-cap stocks, offers a variety of investment products, and has an estimated $15 billion in assets under management. Ariel is a very successful firm, but what makes them different is the commitment to its investment strategy and core values.

Hear from a Leader in the World of Investing

Mr. Rogers is well-known in the investment industry and was featured in the book The World’s 99 Greatest Investors with top industry leaders like Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, and Sir John Templeton. He belongs to the board of directors for multiple high-profile organizations: McDonald’s, NIKE, the Barack Obama Foundation, and The New York Times Company. After talking with Dr. Esteban and our students about his background, early career, and management style, Mr. Rogers offered advice for Finance students:

  • Learn about all the difference finance careers - there are lots of different jobs in finance from venture capital to private equity,
  • Dream big,
  • Make a meaningful impact for yourself and your family,
  • Work hard to make good institutions stronger financially,
  • Network - use your powerful DePaul network - if you are part of the network, you are part of the family.

Mr. Rogers talked about the recent GameStop stock rise and fall, specifically about whether additional rules are needed to protect the market from these kinds of swings. Mr. Rogers pointed out that after the crash of 1987, additional regulations were put into place and that these were sufficient to protect the market. He indicated that adding new constraints on trading would only benefit big investors rather than the market as a whole.

In addition, he covered topics as varied as creating wealth within diverse communities, developing a strong and entrepreneurial leadership team, and advice for career changers hoping to enter the field.

This is just one example of how DePaul uses its strong connections in fields for which is prepares graduates and the resources in the City of Chicago to provide remarkable student experiences. Watch the full video and learn how Mr. Rogers once beat NBA superstar Michael Jordan in a one-on-one basketball game!

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