How the GGP gave me confidence

03 February 2021
Keyu, a student ambassador, in Chicago

Keyu, from China, is a Global Gateway Program (GGP) Ambassador and is now studying for her MS Finance degree within DePaul’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. As she explains, the GGP helped her grow and prepare for her graduate classes.

Students in the GGP come from all over the world. In the process of communicating and discussing with them, I heard a lot of viewpoints that were completely different from mine, which made me more tolerant and helped me to look at problems from different angles. This sense of openness and tolerance allowed me to quickly adapt to the environment in my major courses, and I learned a lot from different views and perspectives.

The group presentation activities are also helpful to my performance in the formal course. In the GGP, teachers asked students to discuss topics in groups and show discussion outcomes in the form of presentation. After attending my major classes, I found that doing a presentation is a common way of learning in American classrooms. Thanks to the training in the GGP, I was already confident enough to give a speech. The teachers of the GGP encouraged students to ask questions and answered every question seriously, and due to this encouragement, I gradually dared to ask questions and tried to think deeply about the subject. These changes benefit me a lot because I now have a deeper understanding of my subject.

The growth, encouragement, and warmth that the entire GGP brought me finally made me confidently enter American classes!

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