Discovering DePaul University and Chicago with the Global Gateway Program

06 May 2021
The Bean in Chicago

The Global Gateway Program provides support to international students during the transition to DePaul University and helps students learn more about Chicago. One of our GGP Ambassadors, Keyu, is from China and just completed her Master of Science in Finance degree at DePaul. She shared some more details about her GGP experience here.

How the Global Gateway Program Helps International Students Adjust to Life in Chicago

The GGP was a great transition for me to become familiar with DePaul and Chicago. I remember that during the first week of orientation, the advisor introduced everything about the school resource to us, like the library resource, writing center, and career center. The advisor also provided a bank card, phone card, insurance, and security information. This information is very important for international students.

We participated in different communities such as Global Coffee Hour, workshops, and career fairs during the GGP to network and to meet new DePaul students and friends. Also, we visited The Art Institute of Chicago, took the Chicago tourist bus and watched a baseball game together. These activities made me feel less alone while I studied at DePaul.

The English Language Academy professors in the GGP also helped me a lot. They taught us how to send emails to professors, how to use the Desire2Learn (DePaul’s learning management system), how to read and understand the syllabus, and how to write a paper. Our professors not only helped us to get involved in the study of DePaul, but also helped teach us about Chicago. We visited the Chicago River Museum to learn the history of the river. We also explored different neighbors to learn more about Chicago. During the GGP, all the professors know that our English is not perfect, so they are very patient with us.

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