A Career in Data Science: Combine Data Technology, and Hands-On Learning at DePaul

22 February 2021
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Do you want to pursue a data-focused career in an exciting field that shows opportunity for growth in the future? Data science may be the field for you! According to QuantHub, 250,000 data science jobs went unfilled in 2020 while salaries increased by 14%. With those figures in mind, it is easy to see that a data science career can lead to a promising future.

Data science combines computer science, mathematics, and information management into an exciting opportunity for you to build a career in areas like business, industry, government, and scientific research. At DePaul University, undergraduate and graduate students can study data science and prepare for future success, with great results. Our DePaul alumni use their data science degrees in careers at Amazon, Google, Facebook, Google, Groupon, and Deloitte, among other global companies.

Studying Data Science Gives You Opportunities

When you study data science, you will learn how to collect and analyze data, and you will design programs in a variety of computer languages that involve data processes. A data science degree will teach you to analyze large amounts of data and gather information from complex sources.

With faculty members’ expertise and support, students can explore problems and build more skills. One of our students, Pramathesh is from India and is now studying for his Master of Science in Data Science degree. Recently he shared how the Data Science faculty have helped him improve his knowledge in a virtual learning environment: “Whenever I ask for help, I get a response very quickly. And even in the discussion forums, I post my questions, they are replying, and it is almost solved.”  

One of the benefits of studying data science at DePaul University is that the program helps you develop important skills while working in real-world applications. As you learn aspects of all areas of data science - like data collection, model building, and model validation - you can then apply what you know to outside experiences. Our students secure internships, participate in student group activities, and conduct research in DePaul’s state-of-the-art research centers and laboratories. Because of DePaul’s location in the Chicago Loop, the largest business district in the city, students have access to a thriving community of data science experts. This means that students can practice their skills outside of the classroom through experiences like Meetups, data hackathons, and workshops.

Research Centers for Data Science

DePaul’s College of Computing and Digital Media includes 20 research laboratories and centers where students can work together with faculty members and build their expertise. Three of these centers have a specific focus on data science and its applications in the real-world.

At the DePaul Center for Data Science (DePaulDS), faculty members combine their expertise in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. They conduct research in areas like biomedical and health informatics, marketing analytics, database forensics, and high performance and scientific computing. Students can work with faculty members on their research and develop their own projects.

In the Laboratory for Interactive Human-Computer Analytics (LIHCA), faculty members and students study Human-in-the-Loop analytics, which is also called Interactive Machine Learning or Human-Centered Machine Learning. For these projects, the teams use machine learning and interactive visualization tools to help understand data.

The Data Systems and Optimization Laboratory is a place for users to solve complex problems with data and computing resources. Students can explore new tools and technology within the fields of data management, information science, forensics, and computer engineering.

Ready to Study Data Science?

DePaul offers an excellent experience for students interested in pursuing data science careers. Are you one of them? Start your DePaul story today.