5 Benefits to Studying Abroad in the USA

15 February 2021

The USA is one of the most popular destinations in the world for international students. High quality education, internationally recognized degrees, cultural diversity, and career opportunities are just a few of the reasons why studying abroad in the USA could be the best decision for you.

Why Study Abroad in the USA

Academic Excellence

Many of the world’s top universities are based in the U.S – a major reason why so many people study in the USA. In fact, in the 2021 QS World University Rankings, almost half of the top 100 universities in the world are American.

The American education system has an excellent international reputation, and their degrees are internationally recognized. U.S. educational institutions are famous for their stringent academic practices and high standards. A degree from an American university is valuable and will offer you an excellent level of education. Academic flexibility is also a major benefit of studying in the USA. You’ll find a wealth of courses to suit every interest and career plan.

Support for International Students

The United States is a popular study destination for international students. American universities are familiar with the needs and potential challenges that international students face and are well equipped to support them. When you study abroad in the USA, you’ll find that most universities run orientation programs, training and other events, geared especially for students who have come from other countries. There are dedicated international student offices and staff to help you with academic queries or social or cultural support, whenever you need them. From doing your first grocery shop to mastering the public transport system, you’ll find the help you need.

Cultural Diversity

The United States is a diverse country. It’s comprised of a rich mixture of races, ethnicities and cultures, and this extends especially into the university environment. Classes, social groups and campus accommodations are typically filled with students from all around the world. This multicultural mix will enrich your study experience and teach you more than you could learn at home. You’ll meet a variety of people, both those with similar cultural backgrounds to yours and those with very different experiences and perspectives.

Studying in a different country is a great way to improve your openness and tolerance; studying abroad in the USA takes this one step further, allowing you to experience not only American culture, but also the beliefs, backgrounds and languages of people from nationalities all around the globe.

Career Opportunities

Studying for a degree abroad can give you access to many diverse career opportunities, and a qualification from a renowned institution in the U.S. will open up your options even more. The American education system offers courses in almost every academic subject imaginable, meaning that you will have equally broad career choices available to you after graduation. Additionally, many organizations looking to hire new staff members give priority to candidates who have international experience. Studying abroad improves emotional intelligence, open mindedness, confidence and self-sufficiency – many potential employers want these qualities in their team.

Unique Campus Life

America is widely known as the dream land of opportunity. With this reputation comes an optimistic, enthusiastic and vibrant culture that you will notice as soon as you step off the plane or onto campus. America is famous for being a friendly, welcoming country – many people find that once they’re there, they never want to leave.

University life in the U.S. is about more than high-quality, engaging classes and top-class facilities. Equally important are the opportunities to socialize, enjoy yourself and make lifelong friends. Studying at an American university is an opportunity to try new activities and soak up the exciting, unique culture.

DePaul University, Chicago

DePaul University is a world-renowned, highly ranked university. Here, individual success and community engagement are treated with equal importance.

5 benefits of studying abroad at DePaul University

Top Ranking

DePaul is ranked #124 in the USA (US News and World Report, 2021) with programs in several fields holding top national rankings.

Career Focus

DePaul students have access to real-world training opportunities and internships in Chicago. Each year, more than 450 companies actively recruit students from campus.

Chicago – America’s Third Largest City

The third largest city in the country, Chicago is among the most desirable destinations for studying abroad in the USA. The vibrant city offers a great standard of living and has wide cultural diversity, making it a safe place for international students to call home.


Chicago is known for its diversity, and DePaul is no different. Studying at this university will allow you to meet and exchange ideas with people from all around the world. The international student community is thriving here, allowing you the opportunity to mix and make lifelong friendships and working relationships.


DePaul is well known for its world-class facilities. Whatever your major, you can expect cutting edge equipment and modern methods to prepare you for your future career.

Global Gateway Program for International Students

DePaul University Global Gateway Program (GGP) is ideally situated on the University’s ‘Loop’ campus in downtown Chicago. The GGP is put together specifically for international students who are academically qualified but need to improve their English skills. While studying in the program, you’ll take a variety of courses, both English and in academic subjects, equipping you with the skills you’ll need for future study. These skills include research methods, group working and time management. Upon successful completion of the GGP, you’ll fully enroll into a DePaul degree program.