• TEDx at DePaul - Engaging the Community

    08 July 2021
    Students chatting on campus
    This spring DePaul University hosted its 2021 TEDxDePaul event. Appropriately for this year, the theme was The Unexpected. The event featured six speakers ranging from deans and faculty to students and community members, all of whom focused on something unexpected. 
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence

    08 July 2021
    Presenter writing on a white board

    Dr. Bamshad Mobasher, director of the Center for Web Intelligence at DePaul University, shared a presentation about the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI). DePaul offers a new MSc in Artificial Intelligence that will help students contribute to this exciting area.

  • Why study data science?

    02 July 2021
    Students working on computers

    Studying a degree in data science can open up a world of career opportunities for international students, including in finance, academia and scientific research. Find out why studying data science at DePaul University could be the next best step in your academic journey.

  • DePaul Alumni Give a Professional Outlook on Business Analytics

    28 June 2021
    DePaul Alumni Give Professional Outlook Business Analytics

    The Kellstadt Business Analytics Organization (K-BAO) hosted an industry panel, featuring DePaul alumni, for its business analytics students at DePaul University. The aim was to answer the question, what can I do with a business analytics degree?

  • 8 Reasons to study computer science at university

    01 June 2021
    A student working on a computer

    There are many great reasons to study computer science at university, such as career opportunities, high earning potential and the opportunity to make the world a better place. Find out more about studying computer science in the US in our blog.


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