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Joining us

For most of you, the Winter 2021 intake will begin online. Once you have obtained your visa, you will transition to studying on campus at the beginning of the following quarter. Until that time, you will receive the same high-quality education and support online and connect with a community of students and teachers virtually.

What To Expect From Online Classes

Your courses will be delivered online by the same instructors who deliver our on-campus courses. You can expect:

  • Live and recorded sessions
  • Live discussions online
  • Zoom meetings
  • Student support services 

Join Our Community Online

Taking a break from your studies and getting to know your peers is very important because we want you to start building relationships now and be prepared for when you arrive on campus. That’s why we plan fun GGP activities and encourage you to participate in events hosted by other DePaul departments.

Virtual Activities

  • Game nights: Play virtual board games, participate in quizzes, and join in scavenger hunts.
  • Movie nights: Watch a movie with your classmates and chat to them about the film.
  • Global Coffee Hour: Meet other students from across DePaul and discuss a variety of topics from employment to socializing to health and wellness.
  • Virtual Career Fair: Connect with employers and learn about the job search process in the US.

Important Information About Starting Your Course 

  • What You Will Need To Study Online
    • Laptop or PC 
    • Internet with good connectivity 
    • Webcam (for PC) or laptop camera for interactive discussions
    • Time – each course will require a significant time commitment (participation in sessions and online groups, assignments, etc).
  • Orientation

    Virtual orientation will take place on our learning management system, Desire2Learn. Most sessions are pre-recorded so they can be watched in your own time. These sessions are designed to:

    • Familiarize you with DePaul services and support
    • Introduce you to our technology and virtual learning platform
    • Help you settle in and make friends

    One session is delivered in real-time via Zoom. You will also need to schedule a virtual Zoom meeting with your Student Success Manager. 

  • Setting Up Your Accounts

    DePaul's main portal for students, faculty, and staff is Campus Connect. Campus Connect is an interactive web portal that houses a collection of web-based services for students, staff, and faculty.

    Log In To Campus Connect

    You will receive an email with your username, temporary password and login directions.

    Once you register for Campus Connect, please disregard any emails from DePaul University until after you begin your GGP studies as these will not apply to you yet. All communication about your housing, visa, arrival, class schedule and orientation is through Study Group or GGP DePaul.

    Set Up Your University Email

    Your campus email will be activated during your orientation session.

  • How To Access Your Course

    Our virtual learning platform, Desire2Learn, houses course outlines, materials, discussion forums, recorded sessions, collaboration tools, and more.

    You will access all of your courses and course materials though this platform, including content, assignments, discussions and exams.

    During orientation, you will be guided to the self-learning modules and exercises on the academic platform to help you better understand how to use Desire2Learn.

  • Placement Testing

    We will conduct placement testing during orientation.

    English Proficiency Testing

    During orientation, all students are tested for English proficiency. This test will address all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Though there is no way to study for this test, you can practice your skills by reading and listening to podcasts, TED talks, and international news (in English).

    If your test results differ significantly from those at time of admission, you may be placed in a different level than was indicated on the offer letter. As a result, the length of study may be longer than originally anticipated and may require extra costs for which you will be responsible.

    Math Placement Testing

    All undergraduate students must take the Math Placement Test to ensure that you are registered for the correct math courses. Please note, it is a violation of academic integrity to have outside help during the test, to have someone else take the test for you, or to cheat. The results of this test do not affect admission to DePaul or the GGP. 

    You will be placed in math courses based on their ability and degree requirements.

  • Purchasing Your Textbooks
    Your required textbooks will be listed on Desire2Learn in each course’s syllabus. You can also view all of their textbooks through DePaul’s Online Bookstore. Please note, international shipping is not yet available through the bookstore.
  • Resources Available Online

    We will discuss all of the resources available to you as a DePaul student during orientation. Some of these resources include:

Refund Policy

If you are enrolled in virtual learning, you are eligible for a 100% refund on your tuition if you decide not to continue by January 15, 2021.

If a student completes the course online and is then not able to come to the US because of visa issues, that student will be entitled to a 50% refund of tuition paid after completing the online program if he/she has achieved the required minimum GPA requirement, has met academic progress criteria, and shows evidence of three (3) visa denials. This refund policy is applicable to GGP and direct admission students.

To cancel your place before the commencement of your program or withdraw from your studies during the Trial Period, complete our withdrawal request form.

Read our FAQs for more information.

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