Undergraduate Research Opportunities At DePaul Give You A Competitive Edge

04 March 2021
DePaul students using a laptop

DePaul University’s College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) features three schools: the School of Computing, the School of Cinematic Arts, and the School of Design. With innovative degree programs offered by each school, there are endless opportunities for you to prepare for a career using innovation and technology. An important benefit to choosing a CDM degree program is that you can pursue research projects that will help support your professional development.

Dr. Amber Settle gave us a glimpse of these possibilities when she spoke with Global Gateway Program Director Dr. Gretchen Frickx. Dr. Settle talked about the offerings within the Computer Science Department and shared ways that the department helps students become engaged in and outside of classes and become more competitive in the technology job market. You can watch our video below.

This discussion led us to find out more about the research that is happening at DePaul and the involvement opportunities for undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the DePaul College of Computing and Digital Media

CDM hosts 20 different research labs dedicated to researching everything from emerging technology, user experience, and contemporary social landscapes (Divergent Design Lab) to cybersecurity and health informatics. Students can connect with faculty members to conduct cutting-edge research in a variety of areas, and it’s not necessary for the student to be enrolled in a graduate degree program to conduct this research. Undergraduates are encouraged to pursue their interests in research too. For example, two of the three research assistants in the Divergent Design Lab are undergraduates studying in the User Experience Design program.

The Center for Data Science (CDS) is another example of research excellence at DePaul. The CDS is designed to bring faculty together from different departments throughout the university. The best part about the Center is that the faculty can engage students in research that helps students learn more about the field and differentiate themselves from the other students when they graduate. On CDS’s list of research projects, 13 projects are including undergraduate students as part of the work. Also, CDS produces its own blog to give students an insight into other work they are doing.

The Importance of Undergraduate Research

Why does DePaul seek to provide its undergraduate students with so many research opportunities? US News and World Report talks about the reasons that undergraduate students should do research:

  • Make personal connections with professors at the university. At DePaul, students work closely with faculty, meeting at least weekly and discussing the work. These connections give students deep relationships that they can call on for graduate school or job recommendations.
  • Develop special skills outside of the classroom. Students can explore different parts of their field. In turn, they can stand out during job interviews because of this research. Undergraduate CDM alumni go on to work at Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft, among other leading tech companies.
  • Build a professional identity. Being engaged in research helps students develop their own brand, which gives confidence and supports their career plans. DePaul’s Career Center emphasizes that a personal brand will help form character and make you more attractive as a job candidate. A personal brand includes experience, skills, background, and passions, areas that can be influenced by research projects.

Beyond CDM: More Undergraduate Research Opportunities at DePaul

CDM is only one of ten schools available at DePaul University, and research opportunities are available across the university. Undergraduate students can do research and publish their findings in many other colleges. Are you ready to learn more? Click here to start your DePaul story now.


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