Q&A with a DePaul Alumnus: Frank

27 January 2021
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We asked Frank from China to share some of his experiences while studying in the Master’s of Finance program at DePaul University. Here is what Frank had to say.

Why did you choose to pursue an MSF at DePaul?

A pragmatic approach to education and a strong alumni network were the things that I felt were most important, and it so happened that DePaul was perfect in those two fields. The location of the campus helped also. I was working in The Loop (a Chicago neighborhood), and so it was convenient to go to class from work.

What did you most enjoy about your studies at DePaul?

The staff of the admission office were very friendly and were always there to help, and so was the faculty.

What was it like to move from China to Chicago? Did you find it to be a difficult transition? What helped you the most?

I got my undergraduate degree in the States, so I already knew the education system. But the wind in Chicago did blow sometimes and it was cold. You definitely need a coat.

I understand that you’re now working in Shenzhen. What is your job? Can you share more about it?

I am an assistant to the Chairman of Parkland Group. Parkland Group is a real estate developer in Shenzhen, China, which also involves investments. My main responsibility is overseeing real estate investments.

How do you think your degree from DePaul helped you obtain your current job?

The solid financial analysis skills that DePaul helped a lot in processing the deals that I have to go over every day. The exposure to real estate in Chicago that DePaul provided helped when I was working on a hotel acquisition deal in Colorado three years ago, after first starting my current job. That deal was like a test – and I passed.

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