• 8 Reasons to study computer science at university

    01 June 2021
    A student working on a computer

    There are many great reasons to study computer science at university, such as career opportunities, high earning potential and the opportunity to make the world a better place. Find out more about studying computer science in the US in our blog.

  • How to Succeed with a Business Degree: Lessons from the Most Innovative Person in Finance

    01 June 2021
    Exterior of DePaul University in central Chicago. Grand stone building with art deco turnstile.

    Recently, DePaul University’s Arditti Center for Risk Management hosted a conference for DePaul students, and they got to hear from Dr. Sandor, who was introduced as “the most innovative person in the field of finance in the last 50 years.”

  • Devon Avenue - Chicago's "Little India"

    20 May 2021
    An international DePaul student in a suit.

    One of our students, Prachi, writes about her experiences of spending time in nearby Indian community hub, Devon Avenue, and tells us how studying at DePaul is a rich cultural experience for international students.

  • My DePaul Business Degree Helped Me Get a Job: Q&A with Talal from Saudi Arabia

    17 May 2021
    An international DePaul student in a suit.

    We recently spoke with one of our alumni, Talal. Learn more about his experience moving from Saudi Arabia to Chicago, and how his business degree improved his career prospects here.

  • How to become a game designer

    11 May 2021
    Students working on a computer at DePaul University

    Video games represent the largest and most successful industry in the history of entertainment. Gaming software products are complex and projects time-consuming, driving a high demand for qualified game designers. If you’d like to know how to become a game designer in the US, read on.


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